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Displaying Higher Value DHV to Women - When it comes to meeting the hottest women and why most men fail in getting anywhere.

Dating Your Ex Again - Maybe you were young when you dated your ex, maybe your careers or something else got in the way, or maybe you just lost interest.

Prisons Do Not Rehabilitate Taxpayers Do Not Want to Spend More Money - Many fault our criminal justice system and in looking at it objectively it is obvious that it could stand a little fixing in many regards.

Trapped by Seduction - Ever get a mouse in your home.

Surprising Green Power Partners - The EPA released its list of the Top 25 Green Power Partners for 2005, and the list includes some surprising entries.

In Search of a Guru The True Spirit of a Guru - So many times I have been asked this question.

Merging Biblical Scripture With Science for the Hell of It - Could the book of Genesis be more reality based than we think? After all it is very loosely written isn?t it.

The Perfectionist Demon Leads to Procrastination - One of the worst habits you can have is to be a perfectionist.

Environmental Issue Solar Power for One Million Roofs - The U.

Seduction Lairs - Are you familiar with Seduction Lairs and how to use them to your advantage?.

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