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Trapped by Seduction

Ever get a mouse in your home. They are big time pest. When you go to the store to pick out a trap to catch them, you will find all different types. No matter which one you choose, they all have the same premise.

First, traps tempt the mouse into moving the focus of the mouse thoughts, from where it was going, towards the trap. And second, to give the hunter a place to make the trap so appeasing. Just add a nice chunk of cheese or bait in the right spot to seduce the mouse to enter the trap.

We humans are pretty high up on the food chain, but there is and has always been one enemy that has sought to destroy and devour us ? Satan. If the devil can get you off of the path of God's will at your workplace he will. Satan will lure you in, much like we do a mouse and he is very good at it.First he will try to take your focus off of where you are going and change it to another focus.

The forms of seduction are so subtle that you may never notice. You may have friends or acquaintances that invite you to met them after work and have a drink. They tell you "what can it hurt to have one drink?" For many, the one drink becomes several drinks and those drinks become a crutch to get from one day to the next. For many, these drinks knock the edge off of work and the next thing they know that single social drink has become an addiction.

This is but one example, many others are persuaded by their social or 'jet set' buddies to use drugs at after work functions. Instead of seeking God's assistance with problems in the workplace or at home, many are seduced to escape their problems with a quick high or through intoxication.Second, the hunter will make the trap appeasing to your eye. We humans are social creatures for the most part and we want to be accepted. We want success and everything that comes with it ? especially power. We want to have the right friends, the right clothes, and the right social life.

The hunter will dangle these desires for acceptance, success and power. So when the right circle, of friends, asks you to try this or that drug, you think nothing of it. After all, everyone else is doing it.

How could it be wrong? Your focus is now changed and your thoughts are upon the drug. You see when a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs, the alcohol or drugs become the person's whole world. With the alcohol and drugs being the primary focus, these persons have been fully seduced into leaving the path God had for them.Sometimes the hunter uses the opposite sex to enticement victims towards the trap of seduction.

You know that certain someone in the office that seems to understand you better than your spouse. Sometimes the seduction is pride. Self-pride, because a younger peer at work sees you as desirable.

Many give into this seduction and the next thing they know, they are involved sexually. The hunter has not only set a trap for those involved in the affair, but has set ticking bomb set to destroy the family of those involved in the affair.It matters not what the method of seduction is. Once the hunter tempts successfully seduces a person and the person loses focus, then the person will leave the path God has set for them.

Do not allow yourself to be drawn from the things God has for you. Seek God's will for your life and determine how you are going to get where he wants you to be. Seek a Godly elder, life coach, mentor or accountability partner whom you can bring the temptation into the open ? into the light. Seek to grow yourself spiritually, professionally, and personally with Godly resources.

There are a multitude of resources that can help you develop spiritually, professionally and personally. Seeking God first will bring you into the light. In God's light darkness fades to nothing and gives the hunter no place to hunt. If someone tries to persuade you into doing something wrong to get ahead or to be accepted, turn away to the light of Jesus Christ and keep your focus upon him. Don't get caught in the hunter's trap, the cheese/bait is never as good as it appears and the ordeal of the trap is not worth it.

Copyright 2006 Stan Lewis.

.Stan Lewis is a Christian Leadership & Life Coach.

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By: Stan Lewis

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