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Life Insurance

How To Get Affortable Long Term Care Insurance Easily!
Due to the longevity of people today, insurance companies recommend that people purchase long term health care to protect their assets in the future. Surveys have shown that over 60% of people who reach 65 will have a need for long term health care at some time. That is getting on for two out of three of us. So the odds are good that YOU will be among them.

Choosing a Life Insurance Provider
According to recent figures, there are more than 2,000 companies in the U.S. that sell life insurance, along with numerous banks and credit unions that also sell policies.

Life Insurance 101: The Basic Functions of Life Insurance
While most of us understand that life insurance provides funds to beneficiaries after the policyholder dies, the additional facets and benefits of life insurance are lost on many consumers.

Term life insurance: Money-saving tips
Term life insurance is the most affordable way to protect your family's future. As inexpensive as term life insurance is, there are money-saving tips that will ensure you are paying only what you need. Get the most value for your dollar by checking out the following helpful tips that will save you money while still getting great protection.

Buying life insurance: A Shopping Checklist
When shopping for term life insurance, you want to find the right amount of insurance coverage at a reasonable price with a company you can trust. But for many people, getting started is the hardest part. That's where the following Life Insurance Checklist can help.

Busting the Top 6 Life Insurance Myths
Term life insurance has many advantages. But understanding term life insurance and its benefits means sifting through the myths surrounding it; and there are many myths about life insurance. These life insurance myths and misconceptions can result in too little coverage causing financial hardship for families suffering the loss of a loved one.

Life Insurance for Kids: A Worthwhile Purchase?
According to a growing number of financial experts, children's life insurance is not a good purchase, citing the central rule of life insurance: life insurance is for people that provide an income or have dependents. Typically, children don't have either.

Pet Insurance - What's The Point?
A survey published by Mintel recently revealed that 1 in 3 pets need an unplanned visit to the vet every year. So the odds that you'll be making a claim on your pet insurance are higher than the chances of you claiming on your home & contents policy or your motor insurance.
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