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Prisons Do Not Rehabilitate Taxpayers Do Not Want to Spend More Money

Many fault our criminal justice system and in looking at it objectively it is obvious that it could stand a little fixing in many regards. One problem critics charge and one which cannot be argued is the recidivism rates are astronomically high and they do not help society in solving the issues of crime, in fact just the opposite.Recently this subject came up in an online think tank when a member stated; "The main conflict, however, arises between two opposing viewpoints which bring up the hard questions, namely, why should we expend funds to help those who have broken the law (seen by many as "rewarding" those who have done wrong) when the many law-abiding citizens do not have the same opportunities given to them? The answer is to afford the same opportunities to law-abiding citizens, if not more, and break down the barriers to successful reintegration of felons.

".Yes that maybe the answer indeed. But now you are preaching socialism. And the government cannot be trusted to such important work. They have proven incapable of anything that would be that monumental. Can we trust such a screwed up system to indeed fix its own problems? Doubtful rather we need to almost start over don't we? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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