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The Perfectionist Demon Leads to Procrastination

One of the worst habits you can have is to be a perfectionist. Most people do not even realize that being a perfectionist leads to the horrible habit of procrastination - putting off the things that you know need to be done.The basis for procrastination is the fear that we will not do something properly so we decide not to start.

If we don't start then we cannot fail. We think in our heads that we must complete a project but are afraid it will not be done correctly leading to failure or being completed late and unsatisfactory. This type of thinking leaves no middle ground; you are either perfect or a complete failure. People who think this way set them selves up for failure because very, I repeat very, few thinks are perfect in life.Striving to be perfect creates expectations, pressures and problems, which create enormous stress.

This stress is so strong that being happy is almost impossible. One of the most damaging problems with being a perfectionist is the feeling of having to impress others. So much so that the perfectionist thinking holds them back from ever being able to break any old habits and being able to create the change they desire.

You have to change your level of thinking. Accept that you and everything around you is not perfect. You will find yourself able to start projects with out being afraid.

Be able to smile and not worry what others think about what you are doing. Not think to your self "I can't do it because I know it will come out bad, No body will like it. I just can't. "Or say "I'll just do it tomorrow, I have plenty of time." Perfectionists say these statements all the time. Don't fall into these traps.

Enjoy life, smile and have fun. Do not let the things you have to do in life control you. Change your behavior today! It all starts with your mind set.

.Seth Francis is the owner of http://www.breakyourhabits.

com Learn the true steps needed to Break any Habit in only 21 days. With the help of Personal coach Lee Milteer, Seth is able to bring you a comprehensive program to help you dig deep into your inner self and release your habits from with in, while reprogramming your mind. Copyright 2006 SPF Enterprises.

By: Seth Francis

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