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Dating Your Ex Again

Maybe you were young when you dated your ex, maybe your careers or something else got in the way, or maybe you just lost interest. No matter what happened, when you start thinking about dating an ex again, you might want to think twice. When you are lonely or when you miss someone, you often think only about the positive times between you. Think realistically though; you did break up for a reason. If you were both mature adults, the reason must have been pretty big.

While some people claim time away from their ex is enough to make them realize what they had and lost, it is usually not the case. Most people get involved with their exes again, and live happily for a few months. Then, the old swing of things sets back in and it seems like nothing has changed at all.

When you get to this point, you realize you have made a mistake. At this point it is too late to get out gracefully. You will look even worse if you break it off for the second time.

So, remember there are many eligible people out there looking for someone like you. There is really no reason to recycle your boyfriends or girlfriends, unless you are certain breaking up was the single biggest mistake in your life.

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By: Peter Portero

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