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Displaying Higher Value DHV to Women

When it comes to meeting the hottest women and why most men fail in getting would help to understand the pure dynamics of what is clearly going on and from that point, you will be able to see why you've been rejected and how to start doing what is always proven to work.Then you'd systematically be able to predict how and why women respond so you can be that guy. Everyone's making it way more difficult than it really is. You're not supposed to become someone you're not just in order to succeed.

There's no special inner game tricks or NLP necessary at all. Once you really get the dynamics of what's going on in the BIG picture, you'll be fearless in approaching any woman like me and you'll be able to take it up from there without ever having to think of what to say or getting thrown off by her energy.It's supposed to be that simple and it really is once you get rid of all that's cluttered your own ability to understand who you are and your destined relation to everything around you.

When nice guys and most PUA's get out there and approach or communicate with women, they are finding it so difficult to get anywhere primarily because they're putting her as the prize or catch to 'win over' whether they intend to or not it SHOWS through.They're playing the game on her turf (socially) and it's the entire paradigm that they are living in; but it's an unnatural one in which women resent it for their own sex/love life. It's the opposite of natural attraction and social influence is just covering it up.I like to view relations as stimulus > response dynamic.

When the woman is placed as the prize to try and win over (because socially she IS the prize), it begins a paradigm of a losing battle that these men will continue to struggle with because they're operating in the social matrix instead of using the power they have which is greater than any woman's social power (his natural character to spur her NATURAL attraction response).Men are responding to women as the stimulus and that is why they are failing. It is so engrained in them to respond to women (they're beautiful, wonderful, glorified, etc.) by society that there doesn't seem any other way or that you must be mentally unhealthy to not see it that way or to deny their beauty.

You can be a bad boy/jerk who doesn't give a damn or you can be a real and balanced man that just understands his relation to everything who realizes and keeps his power (and also never gets rejected).Playing the game on the social level and trying to display higher value that way, let's the woman obviously know that she is the 'catch' and it bores her. That is not the way of natural attraction.So she will run off into the arms of the closest alpha (natural) male who she can prize.

He's actually the closest thing to her natural desires and not these other guys who are social byproducts just like her beauty portrayal.HE behaves differently around women because he's always true to his own self whether he approaches women or not, they know where he's coming from and he lets them know. They can trust this man and know where he's coming from (unlike other guys trying to get in her pants and trying to deny that they are in a way).

If you want the most success with women then you have to be the stimulus so that women can respond to.from the very beginning and throughout all of your communication with her; it just is who you are.By being a man of high natural character you're already starting out as DHV'ing her. If you ever want women of that calibre you HAVE to display higher value.

And because most men can't measure up to where she is socially, they have to display high independent and/or natural character in order to ever get anywhere (but they're actually showing lower value by putting her above themselves).By having high natural character, you will automatically BE the stimulus around women because you understand your masculine place in this world and that what you have is what women want.You are the one SHE should be chasing after and if you're chasing after her, it's SO predictable that she will lose interest, stop calling, etc.

This also happens when you 'tell her your feelings'.Look, when it comes to attraction and who they sleep with or really fall in love with, it doesn't matter what women say they want (socially) in a man; look at their actions and their body language. To me it is such a predictable formula.Women cannot continue the propagation of life without man. As a man you have the ability to 'trigger' the pre-eminence of life itself by her attraction level in response to your (natural) character. This is a great power that all men have.

The violation of that today and putting women as the stimulus instead is why we have 40 year old virgins.Aytime she has the power and favor and becomes the stimulus, she is going to lose interest because it is NOT the way of natural attraction and her body's biology (which overrides her social desires).In fact if she didn't have this ability to respond to your power, she wouldn't be woman or you'd better run. Thus, knowing this is THE TRUTH you just have to get really clear on it and where you stand and you will be able to operate on Casanova level-like success.

Our society will continue to propagate all the wrong things when it comes to attraction.So nice guys will approach and take her on dates (even online it's so evident) and look at how they are acting.they're trying to display higher value often by putting aside their own sense of self-respect to try and impress her hoping that they can gain her validation but to her, there's no 'chemistry'.

They end up displaying lower value by dropping in their own character when it's high character that women are drawn to.He must stay strong and independent; alpha like in order to have her attracted to him.Because women are the 'response' they can't really say anything about it (plus they are forced to uphold societies ideal) but they'll run away with the closest natural man who she can really respond to.It's time to give them some real options from men who are more balanced than just the jerks and bad boys. All of us have this natural character that's just been repressed and confused.

The pick up artists that are getting it right and succeeding ARE being successful in displaying higher value. So even though they went the hard way around to get there, they have essentially become the stimulus that women can respond to and that is evident throughout their communication.So why not just step back and get yourself aligned to the natural way of things so you can be the stimulus and see a huge difference in how women respond to you and improvement in your 'game'?.Once you understand this simple underlying reality of attraction, THEN would be the time to focus on the words to say, how to approach, manage phone game, etc. because things will fit into their natural order.So if other guru's out there want to make things harder than it is on guys by still dealing with fear and trying to play the game approaching her on the social level trying to DHV, well.

ok but it's a lot easier than that once guys understand the simple dynamics.This is what I will be teaching in my mini-seminars (and soon, in-field workshops).Once men 'get' that they alone can and must be the stimulus (no matter how beautiful she is) and understand their relation to the social matrix and her beauty/power (so they can be fearless and actualize their natural character), then they will increase to a level of natural success with women which takes a lot LESS time then studying a new set of consciously developed (unnatural) techniques.I can help you get to that point.What's ironic is you'll actually stop worrying about things, stop studying pick-up lines and realize that you can actually just BE YOURSELF for once and fearlessly communicate with women socially. You'll be able to take it from there once the women start responding as they inevitably do because you already know instinctively how to go through the entire process.

You can't 'trick' women into feeling attraction for you unless you really become an unnatural (ie. hypnosis) student and she'll still find out.All that matters is a woman's level of attraction response to your character and you can communicate that in a few seconds or minutes when you apply my re-awakening training; NOT over days (trying to have to build it up or talk her into it).In order to end up with these women you're going to have to DHV (display higher value) nd because you probably don't match her on the social status level you'd better have your natural game (and independent; just being yourself) together if you want any success with these beauties.Matching yourself as a response to her power on the social game is the hardest thing to do.

My training system is the alternative (however you can use/filter them in tandem to get the most out for your lifestyle).So I recommend getting out there and practice just seeing through the social matrix knowing that you have the power as a man to cut through all of the glorified beauty and give her the attraction response she feels as a natural woman.I guarantee that you have that ability and it extends beyond how beautiful she thinks she is.But if you're not fully congruent with that yet, there's only one thing to do: get my training products because there is a lot of societal brainwashing (cleaning) that we have to do first.

Have fun out there; there really is nothing to be afraid of when you're truly comfortable in your own skin!.When you are aware of your inherent natural character and your relation to her social power, you will automatically portray higher value without saying a word.You won't have to 'talk her into' anything because she'll know that you can deliver and the relationship will be where it should be to finally take it places beyond just phone numbers.


By: Rion Williams

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