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Merging Biblical Scripture With Science for the Hell of It

Could the book of Genesis be more reality based than we think? After all it is very loosely written isn't it. I mean if you do not take the storyline literally or get sucked into a literal interpretation of the religious literature created to enslave men; one might be able to explain much of its text thru scientific manipulation of its words.For instance in discussing this in an online think tank and on an online forum one gentleman from Australia stated that;."Humans made from clay ? Of all the material on earth (apparently) clay is the most similar to human DNA in molecular structure (I'm relaying this from a good scientist on the radio ? haven't checked it myself). Weird huh?".

That is a hell of a revelation isn't it? Well indeed as bizarre as that sounds, it could be manipulated into the storyline. We known many sects of many religions have butchered the text over the past 3000 years anyway right? Why not, screw with the story some more? And when god made woman from man one could put that into a DNA connotation and out Australian friend and fellow thinker states;."Woman from Man ? Through cloning, you can make a male or female from a male cell, but only ever a female from a female cell (assuming women = XX chromosome. Males need a Y).".

In fact if we really wanted to take this further so we could get the Christian Religion up to speed on things without denying science, maybe we could tell the tale in a Science Fiction Flick or something? And thus maybe butchering the Bible might be the best bet, you know up-grade the story one more time? They have so many times in the past, well hell we may as well bring it up to speed right? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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