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Inspiration - What does the word inspiration mean? I look at the word and break it into two parts: ?in? and ?Spirit.

Elite Power Families and Their Capitalization of America - Some people fault the wealthy families in the United States and say they are elitists and exploit the people for their own profits, power and pleasure.

Success Secret Try Playing First Working Second - Countless times during my management consulting career I?ve recited the words of Sun Tsu, the author of the classical Chinese treatise, ?The Art of War.

Where Angels Walk - Now that their children are grown, Cindy and Jim Hawkins run a closet organizer business out of their home.

Steering Hurricanes Away From Our Cities - It maybe possible to steer Hurricanes ever so slightly and thus allow us to prevent them from hitting one of our major cities causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damages and killing thousands of people.

Every Mom Needs a Break before the Breaking Point - It?s probably no secret to you that today?s mom is busier than ever.

Lance Rants on the Palestinian Israel Conflict and a Solution - These suicide bombings in Israel need to stop, and well, I have a solution to fix the problem; Move all the Palestinians to Zimbabwee and build a new city.

Narrow Frequency Bands and Killer Bee Insect Control - Is it possible to control or steer killer bee insect swarms with narrow frequency band directional sound beams? Some think it is and are willing to experiment to find out.

Criminal Record Affordable Housing - It is a common fact that persons with criminal records, though they have paid their debt to society, are still denied many of the basic rights that most people take for granted.

Date Ideas Top Romantic Ideas for Couples - Don't waste another second stressing over what you need to do and where you need to go on a date.

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