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Lance Rants on the Palestinian Israel Conflict and a Solution

These suicide bombings in Israel need to stop, and well, I have a solution to fix the problem; Move all the Palestinians to Zimbabwee and build a new city. Put up 18-foot wall to keep out the Israelis to protect them all. Zimbabwee has lots of raw materials so they can make something of their new city. And there are already trees there, so they do not have to plant any or think ahead and build up their civilization.Besides Zimbabwee is perfect for squatters, as that accept this there so the Palestinians will have no problems after the move. The roaming Nomads will finally have their own home and can live in peace in their special city so no one can hurt them.

I have never met a Palestinian who did not launch into a hard verbal tirade the second you mentioned "Jews" and so if they are bread of this insane hate.Lets remove them from what unites them in hate to go and kill innocent people with Suicide Bombers. Move them to Zimbabwee so they can have there own place to live and gate them in so the Africans do not attack and kill them and call them names and blame them for everything. It is only fair to turn the table to help them learn in this life experience. We need to make this move within the next 2-3 years.

We can move them with buses to their new homeland; if they blow up the buses with their own people on board so be it. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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