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Narrow Frequency Bands and Killer Bee Insect Control

Is it possible to control or steer killer bee insect swarms with narrow frequency band directional sound beams? Some think it is and are willing to experiment to find out. In one discussion on the subject a soundman in an online think tank stated;."The real key is finding that narrow range of frequencies that will cause the bee to just stop flying. I can imagine there is a tone that resonates their bodies if nothing else that they find distasteful; that is all that is required.".Yes absolutely, I totally agree.

Too bad we don't have an old warehouse building and a bee keeper? You know the military has everything we need to try this out too. Lots of old buildings, bees, bee keepers and sound equipment, plus microwaves to try to stop the bees with and they have lasers and infrared to watch the interactive sound waves and airflows, as they affect the swarming. I know we can steer, control and/or coerce these swarms to do our bidding and yah, we can steer them around crops, etc. with blimps and aircraft or UAVs too in the future I bet using sound.Does it make sense for the military to try to control bees? Well they already have trained bees to do certain things and in the future the list of insects could grow into locust swarms to disrupt enemy troop movements or even to push back enemy soldiers or convoys. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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