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Use the Pleasure Response For Success - Although Dr.

Is Failing Bad - I've been having some discussions with my kids lately about "failure," both theirs and mine.

A Proven Success Book Haroldsens Courage To Be Rich - I don?t know where I got the habit, but I?m more of a book re-reader than new book reader.

Im Sorry Four Types of Apology and When to Use Them - Some time ago I mediated an e-commerce dispute between two parties whose geographic locations made it unrealistic to be in the same room.

Foreplay Begins With Your Clothes On - As relationships progress we get lazy in the bedroom department.

Personality Test Do You Have Saintly Qualities - What kind of a person are you? At the time of test, will you prove yourself a good person or fail? All of us think that we are good persons.

The Most Risque Hen Party Games - The best way to have a wild and wacky night is to play some of the best hen party games.

The Second Coming of Christ Before Some Standing Died Matthew - In one of the most simple statements found in the Bible, Christ promised his second coming would occur before some who stood with him died.

Do You Have Wisdom and Understanding - What is wisdom and understanding? Why is it important for us to have? Do you want wisdom and understanding? These are important questions for the person wanting to grow into the likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Relationships Love Vs Infatuation - I'm sure you've heard the debate that attempts to separate out that which is love and that which is infatuation when it comes to relationships.

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