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Do You Have Wisdom and Understanding

What is wisdom and understanding? Why is it important for us to have? Do you want wisdom and understanding? These are important questions for the person wanting to grow into the likeness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are also important if we want to live a life of peace and prosperity.Solomon gave the proverbs "To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding". According to "Strongs Exhaustive Concordance" wisdom and understanding are mentioned fifty four times. That should be a clue that they might be something we should desire."The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding".

Prov. 9:10. We need to develop the reverence and fear for God that he deserves.

We think we are in control of our lives. Why then do we not keep the calamities of life from happening to us? God holds the very next beat of our heart in his hands. When we truly believe that it will begin to make a difference in the way we live. We will begin to have wisdom.

Understanding goes hand and hand with wisdom. As stated they are both mentioned the same amount of times and usually together. Understanding develops wisdom. Proverbs gives us information about how to live our lives that will be pleasing to God and give us longer and prosperous lives.

The information given should cause us to ponder upon it. It should be ingested and digested and become a part of us.Proverbs addresses all areas of our lives. If you want to prosper in business follow the instructions. If you want to have a good marriage follow the instructions. To develop a life that is pleasing to God follow the instructions.

There are too many Christians that either do not know the Proverbs or are not wise enough to incorporate them into their lives. Their understanding has been clouded by the things of life and they are missing out on the better things of life. They are foolish and will regret their folly at the judgment seat of Christ.God ultimately is in control. However he has given us an opportunity to overcome this world and the lust of it. Through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, his death, burial, and resurrection anyone can be reconciled to God.

Their sins can be forgiven and they can start a new life in Jesus.We make the decisions how we will live our life. Who or what we follow is up to us. We can take God's word and let us mold and make us into the image of Jesus or we can follow our own understanding and live life our way. We can reap the benefits or suffer the consequences.Where are you seeking for wisdom? Do you look to the world and its teachings or are you looking to the word of God.

Do you have understanding of his word? Do you want to wisdom and understanding? Then pray to God and ask for it. Study the proverbs, as well as all scripture, and let them become a part of you. Gain understanding how God wants you to be and have the wisdom to do it.

Wisdom and understanding is far better than gold, silver or precious rubies. So says Solomon more than once. Be rich in wisdom and understanding and watch God bless you here and in the kingdom to come.


Warren Adams is a bi-vocational preacher. He has a burden for the lost and the Christian that wants to grow to maturity in Christ Jesus. He wants to help them to prosper spiritually, materially, and physically.

By: Warren Adams

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