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Yoga Various Types And Various Reasons

There are many forms of yoga which various yogis' practice. The students of Hatha Yoga practice it for the health and vitality that it brings. Hatha Yoga is a wonderful means of stretching, exercising and freeing the body so that it can be healthy. The health of the body is a vital instrument of the soul and mind.

Many people who practice Hatha Yoga find that in addition to healthy feeling bodies they become extremely clear minded and have better powers of concentration. They feel that every aspect of them is healthy. A few Yogis' use Hatha Yoga as their main method for spiritual realization. Meditation is much easier with clear uncluttered minds and healthy bodies. Harmonizing the body's inner currents (acting, willing, thinking and feeling) until they are in perfect balance is the main practice of Hath Yoga.

This type of meditation is not so well known today as the purity of life required to do this well takes more time and dedication than most are prepared to give.Another type of Yoga is Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga usually involves a combination of Raja, Hatha, Tantra, Laya and Mantra Yogas. The principal goal Of Kundalini Yoga is the stimulation of the spiritual life force at the base of the spine enabling it to rise easily from the lower centers of the being into the spiritual centers in the head where higher consciousness is perceived, experienced and lived in. Yet another form of Yoga is Kriya Yoga. Kriya Yoga is a mix of Raja, Jnana and Bhakti practices.

The work 'Kriya' means to 'make an effort' or 'to transform". Practicing Kriya Yoga involves a daily program of self-discipline of the mind and body and devotion to God. Today Kriya Yoga is also practiced to direct life force to move up and down the spine transforming the meditator's being until spiritual realization happens. To learn how to do this technique a student really requires initiation from a long-term practiser or Guru. Both types of Kriya are very ancient and deeply related.

Throughout the world today there are several million people practicing the art of Kriya Yoga.People become inspired to practice yoga by traveling many paths. For some they may meet a devoted Yogi, for others it could a personal crisis, which leads to the quest to find God, or the true meaning of life. Sometimes the path chooses the new devotee. Practising Yoga is a spiritual practice and a way to satisfy the heart's deepest hopes. Once a devotee decides to proceed he then needs to decide which form of yoga is the most appropriate for him to practice.

Yoga is best practiced for at least an hour every day. Bhakti yoga is usually chosen by those who are dominantly emotional, Jnana Yoga is predominantly chosen for those who are dominantly intellectual and for those who seek to attune their will with the higher self choose Raja and Karma. At the beginning devotees practice Yoga to gain the benefits that they hope for but as time passes begin to give more of themselves towards their ideals.

Once this happens devotees practice Yoga not only for what it can give them but also out of love.

.Michael Russell.Your Independent guide to Yoga.

By: Michael Russell

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