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White Sun Water

Water can clean dirt out of many places. If we have created a lot of spiritual rubbish in our mind and body, water can help to wash out the dirt. That is why Lao Tze said, "The highest goodness is like water." It can clean almost everything but it cannot clean one thing and that is our mouth.

It could be so dirty that even purified or spiritual water cannot help to clean it.Cultivator should learn from water. It benefits all sentient beings and for those that water cannot even help to clean it, this is a true story in the Underworld by a sinful soul who confessed her sin and why she was under punishment there on 25th March 1977:."When I was alive, I had a bad temper and when I got married I very often quarreled with my husband. Every time I opened my mouth, I cursed Heaven and Earth. I also frequently quarreled with my neighboring womenfolk.

My greatest sin was instigating the neighbors to quarrel thereby breaking up their families. In one instance, I quarreled with a neighbor and to get revenge, I spread unfounded rumours that the woman of one house had an affair with a male neighbor. From one mouth to another, the rumour spread until nearly everyone came to know about it, ending with the parties concerned divorcing. Because of my sin in spreading false rumours, at death, my soul was sent to this Mouth-Piercing Prison for 8 years.

".This is one type of sin that using the mouth to create trouble for people. There are many types of sins using the mouth to cause hardship or to cheat people.

All people wash the dirtiest objects with water, such as flushing toilet, having a shower, washing clothes, washing socks, washing diapers etc. If water cannot wash your mouth, then you are in for big trouble.Water always stays at the lowest place.

When we put water in a high position, it will flow down to the lowest. The lowest place is a good place because it is the place where no one will compete. Goddess of Mercy said, "Do not compete and do not compare. Accept and live with the suffering." By not competing and comparing, we are easily contented with life.

A glass of plain water can quench our thirst. Why must we insist on good taste or special drink to satisfy our lust of drink? After three inches down our throat, there is no more taste. My Grand Master Han upon returning to Heaven was conferred the Heavenly title "Pai Sui Sean Ti" by God or "Lao Mu.

" Pai Sui means Plain Water. Sean means Saint and Ti means Emperor or God. This is because when he was alive he treasured water and preferred to drink just plain water.What water gives out can nourish all things.

We should also give out the same to nourish the mind of human beings by saying kind, polite, pleasant, encouraging and wise words to guide people who are not aware of the truth. To give relief to the poor or needy is benevolence. A good benevolence is to make the poor understand why they are poor and teach them to do small alms giving within their ability to get rid of their poverty. By giving a glass of water to those who really need them, is doing good deed. At any time, a very thirsty person may come around and ask for a glass of plain water at your gate.

If we refused to even give that glass of water, we can become very poor in our next life.Water in a square container becomes square. Water in a round container becomes round.

It is very easy to manage, for example if we guide it into a rice field, it will flow to rice field and makes grains grow abundantly. If we guide it into reservoir, it will flow to reservoir and generates electricity or stores water. This applies to life of cultivator. A cultivator should learn to be square or round and be flexible in every thing.During ancient time, the wind blows every three days and it rains every five days.

This is called the weathers are full of gentle breeze and timely rain. Every five days, it rains, snows or frosts. Nowadays, it does not blow any wind timely and when it comes, it could be hurricane.

It does not rain timely and when it rains it could be violent storm. This is caused by the evil heart of modern man who cares only for his own interest.Sow a good seed, water it and take good care of it, one day the fruit will be tasty and plentiful. This is a teaching from my Heavenly Teacher JiGong:."Is a ripened fruit tasty? Or is it not tasty? Why is it tasty? Of course, a ripened fruit is tasty, because it is sweet. When the farmers pick the fruits, they all pick the ripe ones.

When Heaven picks the fruits, it is the same as picking you. What are being picked are all ripened fruits. Disciples, you must let your fruits be round and sweet. This is the kind of fruit that Heaven needs to pick.

A ripened fruit is achieved from sunlight, water, rich soil, fertilizer and the care of the cultivator's love, patience and faith. You are all gardeners. Hence, you need to: research unceasingly, improve unceasingly and give unceasingly. Then only can there be a 'round and full' bumper harvest.

This is so-called: Those who sow the seeds in tears will surely gather their crops in laughter. Don't ask how much Heaven will give you, but only ask how much you have given.".Author: T.

A Chew.


A Chew was told to sow good seeds and water them timely so that when it comes harvest time it will be plentiful and sweet. Be prepared to shed tears and he will not die of hunger no matter how hard the time. Website:

By: Teow Aun Chew

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