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The Emotional Subject of Illegal Immigration

The United States of America cannot allow the issue of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants to become an issue about race. Is fact 60 percent of the illegal immigrants in the United States Gulf of Mexico and 40 percent come from other places. America should not become divided between whites, blacks and Hispanics, but rather work on the solution to the problem. Our immigration system is broken and our immigration courts are filled up.

Over half a million illegal aliens are coming into the United States over the U.S. Mexican border every quarter and we need to stop this to protect or economic vitality. We also must keep out international terrorist insurgents, drugs and gang members.

We also need to make sure that people who have diseases or have not had shots for diseases we have already eradicated United States are not allowed to come until those issues are fixed.This should not be a "them VS us" situation, as this issue is purely about legality of those that enter the United States of America. If folks do not into the legal way they are breaking the law and this cannot be allowed.

One of the reasons this nation is so great is due to the many immigrants who have come here and made America their home. However, those who coming or illegally are not legal immigrants and we consider them illegal aliens no matter where they came from. Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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