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Teenage Dating Tips Keeping it Real

As a young person, dating has unique challenges. My teenage dating tips can help you navigate the pitfalls of dating when you're a teen and make dating an adventure without getting you into unpleasant situations. Although many teens (maybe you?) think they know everything there is to know, dating is something that even most mature adults haven't mastered. Here are some good teenage dating tips to get you started.Make a Good Impression.

The first date is when you have the best opportunity to make a good impression. Dress nicely (kick it up a notch from a tee-shirt, your date will appreciate the effort) and be well-groomed.Tips for Guys.Here's a teenage dating tip for guys: always, always go to the door when picking up your date.

Greet her parents with respect and let them know when you'll have her home. If there is a curfew for the young woman, make sure you get her back on time or a bit early ? parents have a big say in whether a girl can go out with you again.Tips for Girls.

Here's a teenage dating tip for girls: don't defy your parents if they say you have to be home at a certain time. If you want to negotiate this after a few dates, that's fine. If your date has made a good impression on your folks, you'll be in a better position to negotiate based on trust.One-on-One vs.

Group Dates.One-on-one dates are great, but don't exclude group activities after your first few dates. First, you may risk ending up with friends who resent your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Second, it's important that anyone you date be comfortable with your friends or it won't last long.Interact with Each Other.Remember to leave time for conversation on your first few dates. Whether its bowling, tennis or some other activity, doing something allows you to interact with each other, which is better than just sitting in a movie next to each other without talking.

Save movies for a few dates later.Don't Move Too Fast.Yes, your parents have told you this time and time again.

But I'm repeating it. Becoming physically intimate in any way will inevitably lead to complications. If and when the relationship ends, the hurt feelings and betrayal will feel much deeper and you may regret what you've done. It can also be awkward to find things to say after an intimate encounter, unless you're already very close emotionally, which takes time!.Dressing for Your Date.

Girls, don't dress for your date as though you're auditioning to be an exotic dancer. You should be attractive and comfortable. Over-dressing or uncovering too much will give the wrong impression. You want the young man taking you out to treat you with respect, not be immediately thinking about your breasts. Remember, the most attractive asset you have is your personality and sense of fun, not your body.

After the Date.After your date, don't use overkill to make sure he/she is interested. If you start calling every day or several times a day you will sound like you're desperate or a stalker. Trust me, neither one is attractive or intriguing.Phone Etiquette.When you do call, identify yourself and ask if the other person has time to talk.

It shows that you understand they have other friends and activities and you aren't assuming they are available at the drop of a hat for you.Don't Commit After the First Few Dates.Don't assume one or two dates mean you are a couple in a committed relationship. This is perhaps the most important dating advice for teenagers I can give you! Teenage girls especially seem to make this mistake.

Dating is meant to be a period of time to learn more about each other and see whether you're compatible. An exclusive relationship should come farther down the line, after you've spent a significant amount of time together so that it isn't based on initial physical attraction.These teenage dating tips, if put into practice, will make both you and your date comfortable so that you can relax and have a good time.

They will also go a long way in gaining the respect of parents, which is very important in this stage of your life.

.About the Author:.

Kevin Urban is the publisher and editor at, your guide to the best online dating web sites. He gives free dating tips for men and reviews the Internet's top matchmaking dating services.Copyright 2006 Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Kevin Urban

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