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Sages Say But We Do Not Hear

"I feel that if we could be serious for an hour and really fathom, delve into ourselves as much as we can, we should be able to release, not through any action of will, a certain sense of energy that is awake all the time, which is beyond thought." ? Jiddhu Krishnamurti, Madras, 1961.Bucky Fuller talked about 'creative realization' and the way the dimensions of energy and knowledge work when he wrote about the 'observer of the observed'. I like his illustration of a satellite in space watching a plane flying over a blimp watching the football field where fans in the stands watch players on the gridiron.If it took you a half hour to write a book of 100,000 words I imagine you would be in the blimp but in the satellite you might get a corpus equal to the Corpus Hermeticum in a half hour. Meanwhile the average person watching from the stands could do that one book in a month if they really tried while the players would take a decade.

The flash of illumination man is capable of (see Tesla) can take just fifteen seconds to lay out a whole life's work.Imagine what we are capable of if we actually worked together rather than all the fighting over some imaginary ONE PIE?!.


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By: Robert Baird

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