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Questions Men Hate

We ask our men to be honest, and when they are it is not always the answers we want to hear after all! Just keep in mind: men are tuned in in a different way than women!.The following 5 questions are the questions men hate to be asked!.Question no 1 - What are you thinking?
The right answer is: I was thinking how lucky I am to have a girlfriend like you! I am so glad I met you!
The wrong answer is: Football.

Question no 2 - Do you love me?
The right answer is: Yes! -without hesitation
The wrong answer: What is love?.Question no 3 - Do you think I am fat?
The right answer is: Of course not! You are beautiful.
The wrong answer is: Well, you are not exactly skinny!.

Question no 4: Do you think she is prettier than me?
The right answer is: Of course not!
The wrong answer is: Not as pretty as you used to be.Question no 5: What will you do if I die?
The right answer is: You are not going to die, you are the love of my life
The wrong answer is: I will remarry in sake of the kids.Think carefully before you answer these questions!.


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By: Edna Solem

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