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Protect Yourself Against Negative Thinking

We protect ourselves against negative forces everyday in so many ways. Think about it; we lock our doors to our homes to keep ourselves as well as our belongings safe, we wear seat belts in our auto's, we take care when cooking so as not to get burned, we guard our wallets and purses against theft, we check our credit reports and bank accounts to guard against identity theft, we check and recheck the daycare our children attend to keep them safe, we go to the medical doctor, eye doctor, and dentist to protect our health, and the list goes on and on, it is endless. The point is we protect ourselves in countless ways, why is it then we do not protect our minds from negative thinking? This by the way is a big reason we have so many negative forces we have to guard against to start with.When you think positive, things just seem to fall into place.

Protecting ourselves with positive thinking seems to make protecting ourselves in other areas of our lives so much easier. Think positive with confidence and ease and believe it or not it appears that less negative things happen! It's the way of the "Universe" think positive and good things happen, goodness comes with ease. One last time; your negative thinking is robbing you of your prosperity! Take steps now to protect yourself and your future.

.Linda Kleist is a prosperity mentor/coach.

Also the author of "Thoughts Empowered Positive Thinking Through Affirmations To achieve your Dreams". Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Linda Kleist

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