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Prolife Prochoice Proclaim

The abortion issue is a hot button topic in the U.S. to say the least. There are several states with pending abortion legislation.

Some of which challenges the very basis of Roe vs. Wade, which is the cornerstone of American abortion law.The abortion issue is an emotional one for many. Some are outraged at the lose of countless new lives every year while others are outraged at those who would try to control a woman's right to choose.

For many their vote on the 2004 presidential election was solely decided on the issue of abortion alone.So, who is right? The pro-life side which says abortion should be illegal because a life is being destroyed. Or, the pro-choice side which says a woman should have a right to choose.

The debate rages on.I would suggest if your position on abortion is based upon your politics then the decision is left to your personal opinion. On the other hand, if your choice on abortion is based upon your belief in God's laws then you are falling far short of the mark. Pro-life and pro-choice are not good enough. As a Christian, why try to make amendments to an already perfect law established by our God.

Why not instead of lobbying for the choices man provides we lobby for the perfected law of God? Why not lobby to make pre-marital sex illegal?.At first thought you may say to yourself "What is this guy talking about?" The truth is the morally corrupt try to complicate the elementary to suit their agenda. Many people who are against abortion don't have a problem with pre-marital sex. Are these people truly for righteousness or are they simply choosing the position which suits their situation the best? Especially since irresponsible pre-marital sex is the cause for most abortions.In America many times our problem is we try to remedy the affects of a problem instead of its causes. If pre-marital sex were made illegal, punishable by jail time, the abortion situation in America would change overnight.

If you eliminate the cause of a problem the affects become obsolete.For instance, you buy new furniture for your home after a fire because the fire has destroyed your old furniture. If you could prevent the fire there would be no need to replace the old furniture. Eliminating the cause eliminates its affects.I would go as far as to say anyone who chooses a side on the abortion issue is pro-choice regardless of which side you're on. You are simply choosing which lives to save.

Either you choose to keep abortion legal and lose countless babies every year or you choose to make abortion illegal and lose the lives of countless desperate mothers who will have an abortion by any means necessary. This includes botched backdoor illegal abortions. Some would say these women deserve what they get. Is this the Christian way? What would Jesus do? What would God say? It is a lose-lose situation, but, with God's perfect law everyone lives.

So why not lobby for that?.I don't proclaim to be a clairvoyant, but any anti-abortion laws will go much the way of the laws which say you should not kill, rape, or steal. It will still happen everyday.

You can not legislate morality. If the people's hearts don't change the laws won't mean much. The only thing which makes a law effective is the people's willingness to follow it. This is what makes a criminal by definition, their unwillingness to follow the law.I don't profess to be pro-choice or pro-life.

Although, I am against millions of innocent babies dying, I am also against losing countless mothers to their desperation. I am also against pre-marital sex. I profess that I am pro-claim.

I proclaim that God's laws are perfect. I proclaim that God's laws save us countless time on pointless issues. I proclaim as we hasten to amend God's laws we hasten Armageddon. I proclaim that taking half of a moral stand is no stand at all. Do I really expect our government to outlaw pre-marital sex? No. But as a Christian you should settle for nothing less than total righteousness.

It is something for us all to think about.

.Michael Bond is the author of "Christian to Christian Fellowship Handbook". (http://www. Or google search: Christian to Christian by Michael Bond.

By: Michael Bond

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