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Million Illegal Aliens in the United States Report Says

It has been widely reported now that there are over 24-million illegal aliens in the United States of America and that is a huge burden on the US Taxpayer at a time when taxes are due. Yet some people believe that all these illegal aliens are paying income taxes, withholding, social security and other taxes. One proponent of open borders and illegal immigration stated;.

"What are you stupid, can you also do the math of 24 million Mexican paying taxes in the US and you want to kick them out? The country will run out of money".Not sure exactly why I was being called stupid in this very controversial political blog, but I entertain the challenge to set this guy straight and said; "Well okay Mr. J Morales, okay lets say that 24 million illegal aliens are paying "sales tax" with the things they buy and some of the companies they are working at take out payroll taxes, most do not but surely some do right, so you make a good point here.

".So lets say the difference between those who pay payroll taxes thru withholding and those that do not is only a loss to our government of 2-3 billion dollars a month right? No big deal each US Citizen in this case can be happy to pay the discrepancy and it should only add 5% to their taxes meaning if they pay $20,000 per year, it is only $1,000 more. All Americans should be very happy to pay that $1,000 per year. and why not allow more people to come illegally and double it in 5-years so we only have to pay $2,000 year, good stuff, great economic thinking indeed. We should appoint you for economic chief.

So consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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