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Hurricane Helene Tropical Storm Grows

Well we see that the 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season is definitely alive and well. Indeed we have had a number of Hurricanes, Tropical Depressions and Tropical Storms and Here Comes Hurricane Helene. What a problematic potential eventuality she seems to be indeed.

Winds already clocked in excess of 75-miles per hour and she is also growing in size as the eye-wall become more refined. If you look at here on the Satellite Infrared Charts she seems to be enjoying the warm surface ocean temps and like jet fuel she is spooling up her engines for an on-shore attack on Human Civilization.It appears that the weather scientists, meteorologists and researchers were right when they told the Weather Channel this is going to be a busy year for Hurricanes in this 2006 Atlantic Tropical Hurricane Season. This is partly due the fact that there was a La Nina on the Pacific Side and we are in what appears to be a 1-2 decade ramped up Hurricane Cycle. And here we now have Hurricane Helene, as the Helene Tropical Storm grows into a full-fledged woman, with a rather large temper, due to high temp ocean waters.The Hurricane Hunters have been dispatched for more data and the Miami National Hurricane Center along with the NOAA all have their eye wide open scouring every detail to determine if Hurricane Helene will be a destructive storm like here half-brother and sister already this season.

So consider this in 2006.

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