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Do You Know That Love At First Sight Is An Illusion

Lust at first sight.Do you know that there is nothing like love at first sight only lust at first sight? I have often times heard a lot of people say "We saw each other for the first time and fell in love instantly", but it just doesn't happen the way they say it because I have encountered people who after hearing this kind of talk, went out hoping to find someone they would fall instantly in love with and they end up after getting the person, pressurizing them into early sex. Most of these relationships end up in the gutter.

To groom a lasting relationship is not an instant thing, to have someone truly say they love you genuinely is not and can never be an instant thing. I see you're already about to put up an arguement but hold on and I'll show you everything you need to know.Before one gets into a relationship, there is something called the waiting period, and this is the period when one discovers oneself and develop the ability to tolerate others.

Relationships have crumbled before our very own eyes, not excluding marriage and part of us looses hope of ever finding that partner that our heart tells us exist but our brain says it's an illusion.The heart and the brain are in constant battle for supremacy; the heart gives counsel that leads to heartbreak while the brain gives counsel that leads to loneliness.From observation, Maturity and Acceptance have a lot to do with success of a relationship.

In order for you to successfully navigate your way through life and stay together with your lover, you need these two ingredients in your relationship.While I do agree that attraction is very vital in a relationship between you and your lover, it is far from being the most important factor when it comes to your creating a life long relationship that you and your lover hope would lead to marriage.There is no love at first sight only LUST at first sight; if you are one of those that believe in the former, then you happen to be one that is either blinded by youth or a raging libido. It's impossible for you to love some one you don't know and respect and all of these take quite some time.

From experience, I would tell you that time is the most important thing you can invest to have at least a 50% chance of success in any relationship.Some relationships I have observed have companionship and friendship as their bedrock and this can only come when you and your lover know each other WELL. By knowing your lover, their faults become a peculiarity that ultimately makes them unique.While I was taking a cup of coffee one morning, I overheard three young ladies sitting across my table discussing their relationships. What drew my attention was the comment one of the girls made, she said she has an uncle who told her that he cannot go to sleep without hearing his wife's gentle snoring!! She continued by saying that even when they are apart, they talk to each other until the snoring commences. Sounds funny!.

Well we all have our various unique qualities we like in our lovers and I'll advice that you just magnify those qualities and accept the weakness in order to have a long lasting and spiced up love life.Till next time, GOOD LUCK in your relationship.

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By: Donald A

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