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Crystal Power

Since ancient times people have known that crystals have the power to heal, attract and protect. They were believed to be sacred gifts from Mother Earth and came to be valued throughout the ages as objects of great power and beauty. Nowadays they are easily available, enabling anyone to change their life for the better.

There are so many ways to use crystals in your life. You can use them for divination, protection and love, or simply wear them as a piece of jewellery. And if you have a problem, crystals can guide you towards the correct course of action. With so much information widely obtainable, you can easily find the right crystal for you and start programming it to attract what you really want into your life.

Unsure of which crystal to use? The truth is the right one will select you. This is because crystals transmit energy levels and will resonate with your deepest feeling as soon as you first pick one up. As you hold it in your hand you will immediately feel an immense energy. If it feels right then this is the one for you. You must simply trust in your intuition.

When you are sure you have the crystal for your purpose it will need to be cleansed and purified. Since crystals absorb energy from their surroundings this is important as you do not want someone else's energy imprinted onto your crystal. The best way to do this is by immersing it in a non-metallic container filled with water and dissolved sea salt. You can also cleanse your crystal by holding it under a running tap. However, with some crystals, contact with water is best avoided and care must also be taken not to scratch any polished crystals. Check with where you purchased your crystal to be sure.

When it is cleansed, leave it to dry naturally, preferably in the sun. But again, make sure that this is OK because some crystals are sensitive to sunlight and may crack.You will then need to programme your crystal. It is essential that you are calm and won't be disturbed. First, hold it in your hand and state that it will only be used for the highest good. Sit quietly as you focus on your desire.

Visualize it clearly. Try to create an image using all your senses. By feeling, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling an imaginary experience, it has all the more chance to manifest itself in the real world.When you feel that the programming is complete (again, trust your intuition) put down the crystal. Then, depending on its purpose, you can then wear it, carry it in your pocket, put it under your pillow or by your bed at night.

Remember - it is important to keep a positive mind in all creative visualization work; you are programming your crystal to change your life positively. You do not want it to attract any negativity. Just remain focused and believe. If you do get a negative thought, quickly replace it with a positive one. Soon you will see amazing results!.Here are some crystals to get you started:.

Amber: For bringing wisdom, balance and patience as well as helping draw disease from the body. It also helps heal the nervous system and promote self-healing.Amethyst: For enhancing psychic abilities and spiritual awareness. Helps to clear auras and negative energy, stimulate throat chakra and heal obsessive behaviour.

Aquamarine: For reducing stress, sharpening intellect and reducing fear. Good for clearing blocked communication by cleansing the throat chakra.Blue agate: For easing phobias and panic attacks.Clear Quartz: For psychic awareness and eliminating irrational fear.

Good for healing and communication. Before going to sleep, try holding it in your hand and thinking about any problems you have. Then place the quartz under your pillow while you sleep. You may dream of a solution.Rose Quartz: For attracting love and healing the heart, opening the heart chakra, and promoting self-love.

Sapphire: To bring serenity and tranquillity , aiding spiritual growth. Also relieves tension.Tiger's Eye: For helping you achieve goals, bring clarity, creativity and balance yin and yang energy. It also inspires the imagination and enhances psychic abilities.Turquoise: For clearing away negative energy. It also encourages affinity with others and eases arthritis and rheumatism.

.Marie Seymour is a freelance writer, copy-editor and novelist. She has written articles on writing, music, the mystic arts and health. Her first novel Dreams is self-published and she is currently working on a new novel about vampires. She lives in London but dreams of escaping all the pollution, litter and noise to live in the countryside where she can write novels for a living in peace.

By: Marie Seymour

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