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Create Your Own Luck by Making Things Simple

Have you ever met someone who loves to complicate things? They relish showing you how smart they are by making a concept or procedure so difficult that only they can understand it. These people don't get very far in business and often become politicians. In truth, it is much more difficult to simplify than it is to complicate. Although the word "simple" often gets a bad rap, since it is often used synonymously with "inferior" and "substandard," making things simple is one of the qualities that can help you create your own luck.Simplicity plays an important role in creating luck through your interactions with others. There are three ways successful people make sure their relationships are uncomplicated.

Exercise common sense. Don't impose unrealistic expectations on others. If you ask someone to complete a task for you, first make certain that it is possible.

It can be a challenge, but it must be possible. Next, make certain that it is ethical. You should never ask someone to do anything that would in any way compromise your integrity or theirs.

Finally, ask yourself if you can live with the most extreme results of your requests or actions. Common sense in dealing with other people is the best way to keep things simple and a great way to draw in your own luck.Maintain an external orientation. Always try to see things from the other point of view.

It's easy to get caught up in your own agenda and fail to see how the other person may view your behavior or actions. A successful person ? someone with Career Intensity ? views the world with an external orientation. He examines each action from the perspective of an outsider. This helps give him a clear picture of the issue at hand before he proceeds. He checks his ego at the door and he takes the best course of action ? not just because it is best for him, but because it is also the right thing to do.

Remember that wishing does not make things happen. Hope is a great tool for staying optimistic and positive, but achieving your goals requires action. Do not make decisions based upon things that you hope will happen. Make decisions based upon concrete evidence, past precedents, or the resources that are available. Keep wishful thinking out of the decision-making process. You will thank yourself later.

.David Lorenzo has more than 20 years of business experience as a successful corporate executive, entrepreneur, strategist, author, and speaker. He has worked with and mentored some of the world's most successful businesspeople while helping lead many large organizations to unprecedented success. His latest book is titled: Career Intensity: Business Strategy for Workplace Warriors and Entrepreneurs.Mr.

Lorenzo's experience in starting new business enterprises and repositioning under-performing business units, along with his ability to implement innovative performance improvement solutions, makes him one of today's most sought-after trusted advisors.Mr. Lorenzo is a participant in the Wharton Fellows Program at the University of Pennsylvania, a management think tank that meets regularly to analyze and address timely business issues.

He received his MBA from the Lubin School of Business at Pace University, and he received a Masters of Science in Strategic Communications from Columbia University in New York City.Dave's blog is http://www.careerintensity.


By: Dave Lorenzo

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