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Collateral Damage in the Next War

The Iranian President and their civilian population need not worry about collateral damage in the event of a strike preemption by the United States of America military. The current technology of smart bombs and smart missiles is such that the accuracy is within three meters or less and our ordinances do not miss.The Iranian people have nothing to worry about if and when the United States of America Military decides to preempt the nuclear program that their leadership is using to make nuclear weapons to give to international terrorist organizations, which they sponsor.However, if the Iranian military tries to hide its military assets with in civilian buildings or shield them from the strike by putting civilians around them, then the bloodshed will be on the Iranian presidency and not all the United States military. In fact the Iranian President continues to isolate his country and continues to make threats to the Western world, while developing nuclear weapons technologies to blow Israel off the map and attack strategic Western allies and assets.Further, Iran has sent insurgents into Iraq to disrupt the new government and attempt to kill U.

S. troops. It would be in excusable for us not to act to remove the nuclear threat from Iran, as Iran is known to sponsor international terrorist groups such as but not limited to; Hezbollah and Hamas. Considers in 2006.

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