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Building Trust In Your Relationship

Remember when you two first started out, and those crazy fluttery feelings you had just being near each other?.Well, those crazy fluttery feelings don't last forever as a different type of feeling takes you over. After being with each other a while those early feelings turn to contentment, happiness and security.A deeper type of relationship takes over as you begin to grow a life together.Trust is a huge part of a fledgling relationship.There are actually many facets of trust in a relationship.

The trust factor we will be discussing is the trust you must have in each other to get your house in order. This is like a laying of a foundation that will allow your love to grow instead of being stymied.We believe you basically need to have an open book policy with each other to truly build a wonderful and happy life together. And believe it or not, we struggled with this ourselves in our early years.How incredible this now seems, as we were grown-ups when we met, and still had trouble sorting this out.

Here are some of the most important aspects of life and relationships that we believe must be "open book" (starting with the most important):.Separate bank accounts:.We do not believe the average couple can have a happy marriage when they have two separate bank accounts.

We have seen this scenario in our friends and associates relationships and all it does is cause a lot of stress ? in other words, it's a love squasher and it does not let trust evolve. But just the opposite becomes the norm, with suspicion, jealousy and animosity taking over. It may take some doing; get a contract written up, or whatever.

But getting a single bank account that you both have equal say over and manage together is the way to go. It may be that one or the other of you takes over the daily management of it but you can sit down and review it together, decide on a budget, track it, balance it, etc.Email:.To have an open and honest relationship there can't be anything that one or the other of you feels should be private.

Having separate email accounts with private passwords just causes dissention and distrust. This is a big problem these days and is not a good thing for any relationship. We have actually seen relationships fall apart because of this type of behavior.Friends and Associates:.A happy healthy relationship must be an open book.

So both parties must be open about their friends and associates to their mates. Nothings worse on a relationship when one party has special friends that they hang out with that the other half of the relationship never gets to meet. You can't live a double life and find a truly happy relationship at home.

Work:.Don't be too eager to try and shield your partner from your fellow workers or work related social activities. It is almost always a little awkward going through the initial meeting phase but it eventually becomes a trust builder as the "unknown work environment" of your partner goes away.If your relationship has one or more of these scenario's in it, it's time to take action to clean things up a bit, and start getting you house in order.

.Joe and Emily are experts when it comes to relationships and marriage. Along with their lifetime of experience working with their own relationships they have helped many people find real happiness in their lives. Sign up for their free exciting new ezine at

By: Joe Season

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