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Are Thank You Notes Important

We are busy with work, home, family, hobbies (if we are lucky) and life. So is it reasonable to expect someone to take the time to write a simple thank you note for a gift, or dinner, or anything else?.Once upon a time, this small task was something that just wasn't to be pushed aside. It had to be done as it was considered as common courtesy as shaking hands when you meet someone.

At some point, writing letters of thanks, sending greeting cards and personal notes all became a thing that only those select few would do. All of our modern conveniences that save us time have only encouraged us to work more so we could afford them. In the end, we have sacrificed many great treasures.

Most of us, between the time it takes to buy a card or paper, find a pen, sit down to write, find a stamp and then a post office box to mail it from, just don't take time any more to send personal notes.But let's stop a moment. When was the last time you received a thank you note? Think back. It may have been a while.

Ok, remember? Now think about how you felt when you received it. Did it feel good? Did you appreciate the time that it took to send it? Did it make you appreciate the person that sent it just a little bit more?.What if you had just planned a great party for a group of your friends? You got steaks for the BBQ, a full spread of snacks and side dishes and desserts all around. Which of your friends did you think twice about after the party? Was it the one that sent you the thank you card for throwing such a great bash? Then again, maybe it was the one that walked around with the lampshade on his head.Or maybe its Christmas time and you send each of your nieces and nephews a gift card to their favorite stores. Didn't it brighten your day when you received the thank you card from one of them telling you exactly what they used the card for?.

What if we are sending these notes for business? You just met a potential employee, supplier or servicer. This person was just one more in a list you have been reviewing. Now let's say of this list, two or three really stand out as being nearly equal and hard to choose between. You are about ready to toss a coin when a greeting card comes in the mail.

The greeting card is from one of the employees you met thanking you for your time. Do you still flip that coin? I bet not.Maybe you bought a house a year ago. Now your friend is looking to buy a house and would like your recommendation.

You look around and can't find your realtor's business card and can't quite remember their name. They did a great job helping your family find just the right home and you'd really like to refer them but don't have the time to look up their information. Then you remember that you received that thank you note with a picture of you and your family in front of the house.

The card was so neat that your wife saved it, realtor's contact info and all.Thank you notes have a purpose. They are not just a frivolous waste of time and paper. People feel more appreciated when they receive thank you notes. People that feel appreciated are more likely to think of you in the future, particularly when it best serves your interests.In addition, each time you send a thank you note, you feel better.

Maybe just a little bit, but there is power in knowing you are about to brighten someone else's day. You feel good knowing you will be making them feel good. It's like magic and sets you up to be a positive person for the rest of the day.Take some time out to send a thank you note today. There are even ways to send greeting cards from your computer so the person receiving them doesn't even know it wasn't hand written by you.

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By: Nicole M. Bandes

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